Farewell Entisys360! After 8+ Years, Best Place I’ve Ever Worked. Hello Business Venture!


Greetings! If you’re not at a place you can watch the video above, I have transcribed my message which you can find below.

Good day to everyone out there on the internet! To all my community peers, friends, and different colleagues I’ve worked with over the years. I have a bit of bittersweet news to share with you today.

Effective November 2nd, I have resigned my position at Entisys360 and will be pursuing a new business venture. It’s been an incredible eight years that I’ve been at the company. Being hired on very junior in the organization as a consultant out in the field doing implementations and projects for customers, to a variety of different positions over the years…as an architect, and practice manager, and in the last year being a Strategic Business Advisor.

I’ve had all kinds of opportunities afforded to me by Entisys, and that’s enabled me to go out and pursue additional recognition as a Citrix Technology Professional, NVIDIA has recognized me, and VMware has recognized me. All of that is thanks to the the amazing work, both personally and professionally, that I’ve been able to accomplish during my time at Entisys. The blogging and community stuff I’ve been doing has been remarkable, and largely made possible because of the team at Entisys.

I can’t speak highly enough of everything I’ve been through, personally and professionally, the way that the management and the organization has supported me over the years. I just wanted to say thank you publicly, to make sure that everyone knows that hands down, Entisys has been the best company that I’ve ever worked for.

That’s why it’s bittersweet for me to depart at this point, to say farewell to my team, but I have so much hope and inspiration for the future, and I’m really excited about this new business venture that I’m pursuing at this point. If you’re watching this, thanks for watching, hope we can stay connected. Follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter, or any of the other social media platforms that are out there.

Hope you have a great week. Thanks so much and talk to you soon!

Dane Young, MBA
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Posted on October 22, 2018 in Personal

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Dane Young (@youngtech) is currently recognized as a Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), VMware vExpert and End User Computing Champion, and NVIDIA Virtual GPU Community Advisor (NGCA). Dane is a self-employed virtualization and cloud architect, specializing in the design and deployment of application, desktop, server virtualization, end user computing and cloud technologies from Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. Launching independent as an entrepreneur, Dane inspired and created YOUNG TECHNOLOGIES, LLC (“YOUNGTECH”) to empower clients to convert their technology roadblocks into a roadmap to success. Dane does this by working with clients and partners to develop and execute projects at every scale. Dane has maintained and contributes to several industry recognized technical blogs including: itvce.com, daneyoung.com, citrix.com, vmware.com and youngtech.com.

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  1. David Cook
    October 22, 2018 at 6:29 pm · Reply

    Congratulations Dane. I am sure you will do well in your new adventure.

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